The Polyptych by Girolamo di Giovanni

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The polyptych by Girolamo di Giovanni

The polyptych, also from the church of Santa Maria del Pozzo, is dated 1473 Monte San Martinoand signed by Girolamo di Giovanni at the base of the throne on which the Virgin is seated with the Child standing upright on her knees. Behind them an angelic choir intones a canto. In the main portion, the figures of St. Thomas the Apostle and St. Cyprian stand  alongside Mary. One holds in his left hand a book and, in the right,  the cincture of the Virgin Mary, a symbol of faith. The other, identified by the  inscription on the panel, is depicted in Episcopal garments in the act of imparting a blessing. The central panel is decorated with small Lombard bands and scallops and is surmounted by two circles that comprise the announcing angel and the Virgin Annunciate. In the three-lobe cyma, we can find the Crucifixion with the sorrowful Virgin and St. John, while the sides close in St. Michael the Archangel and St. Martin. In the spire that dominates the latter two, two panels are visible: St. Peter to the left and St. Paul to the right.The frame, without corbels connecting the rounded arches and without the two lateral balusters, is attributed by Crocetti to the Master, Stefano da Montelparo. This is the same engraver referred to in the tablet with the Crucifixion also executed by Girolamo di Giovanni for the Church of St. Augustine in Monte San Martino, which is today preserved in the National Gallery of Urbino, as well as for the polyptych  in this same church, attributed to the Crivelli Monte San Martinobrothers.The painting, characterized by a greater harshness in the features of the faces and by the pretentious drapery, fits fully into the late period of Girolamo di Giovanni, giving him credit for being a good disseminator of the specific stylistic features of the school of Camerino, which includes Giovanni Boccati and Giovanni Angelo d’Antonio as its most famous representatives.